Xseed has revealed that Korg DS-10 Plus, its music creation program for the Nintendo DS based on the Korg MS-10 synthesizer, will ship to U.S. stores on February 16th with a $30 price tag. As with the original Korg DS-10 released in 2008, the software is geared for both professional and aspiring musicians, giving them inexpensive access to emulated synthesizers and drum machines.

The program's new features include an expanded song mode with programmable track mute and realtime edit. Xseed notes that if you have a DSi, the software uses a "Dual DS-10" mode, in which the Analog Synth Simulator increases from 2 to 4, the Drum Machine increases from 1 to 2, and a 12 Track Sequencer becomes available (as opposed to the standard 6-Track Sequencer).

I've no idea how Xseed can justify bringing over the Korg DS-10 series to the States considering the software's niche audience here, but God bless them for doing so, especially since Nintendo DSi's region-locking prevents importers from running Japanese copies of Korg DS-10 Plus. Also, this time around, the publisher has arranged it so consumers can buy the software from retail locations and not just online shops.

For those of you that still don't understand how a simple DS application can help musicians, I've included three videos below of artists that have integrated Korg DS-10 Plus into their setups. Also, if you remember that odd but awesome chiptune performance by Omodaka, he was also using the original Korg DS-10 in his act.