A section of Japanese online forum 2ch devoted to kusoge, or crap games, announced the recipient of its 2009 Kusoge Of The Year award: System Soft Alpha Corporation's Sengoku Hime: Senran ni Mau Otometachi, a PS2 port of terrible 2008 PC hentai game taking place during Japan's Sengoku/Warring States period.

The message board selected Sengoku Hime not just for its hodgepodge of conflicting art styles for various characters but for also managing to have even more bugs (some game-breaking) than the original PC release. In one infamous glitched scene where a girl confesses her love to the player, a mysterious balding man appears behind her for no explained reason and doesn't leave until the event ends.

You can see more screenshots from Sengoku Hime below. The runners-up for the 2009 KOTY award include Takara Tomy's Game of Life (WiiWare), Nippon Ichi's Full Blast Hitchhike (WiiWare), Jaleco's Kizuna (Wii), and another System Soft Alpha Corporation game, Sengoku Tenka Touitsu (PS2, PSP).

[Via Sankaku Complex (Very NSFW)]