VVVVVV, the highly anticipated platformer from indie developer Terry Cavanagh (Don't Look Back), released over the weekend, so you can finally see what the fuss is all about with the 2D title and its lo-fi C64-esque graphics (the chip music soundtrack by Magnus "Souleye" PĂ„lsson, by the way, is fantastic).

Though it only offers eight levels, they're long, challenging stages that take advantage of a Metal Storm-esque gravity-flipping mechanic that has you hopping from the floor to the ceiling hundreds of times to avoid spikes and enemies. Plus, there are lots of shiny trinkets to collect!

You can play VVVVVV's two-stage demo for free on Kongregate, and there's a downloadable version of the trial, too. The full game, available for PC and Mac (with the Linux version planned for later this week), will set you back $15, which is a cheap price to pay for what could be 2010's first great platformer.

[Via IndieGames.com's VVVVVV Review]