Custom toy artist Jin Saotome delivers yet another set of excellently crafted video game figures, this time for EA Montreal's third-person shooter/bromance Army of Two. He fashioned the two characters out of various G.I. Joe toy parts, though he received some help from Tri-Gate Creations for the headsculpts.

Saotome says this pair required the "most complex modern paint work" he's done in his career -- I imagine he spent a lot of time just mimicking the detail on the masks from game screenshots! As usual, he came up with a back-of-the-box-styled blurb to fit the Army of Two characters into the G.I. Joe universe:

"Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios, two members of the Security and Strategy Corporation, are the best at what they do. Most mercenaries would run from the things they've seen, but mission after mission, these two battle it out in the thick of combat.

Both are skilled mercs and proficient in ranged and melee forms of combat, making them a lethal team. While it isn't Joe protocol to hire mercenaries to fight against Cobra, an unknown benefactor has contacted the SSC in behalf of us. Here's hoping Destro doesn't pay better!"

The figures are currently up for auction on eBay, with the high bid at $96 as of this posting. In addition to the custom soldiers for hire, the package will also include four machine guns, two pistols, and anything else Saotome thinks to toss in for their armory.

[Via Toycutter]