Paper Cakes may seem like yet another drop in a sea of indie puzzle platformers, but its gimmick is definitely worth investigating: each of the game's 40 stages takes place on a virtual piece of paper that you can fold, flip, and manipulate in other ways to get your navigate your smiling character to a giant cake.

The title was produced by an international team of students from the University of Southern California and the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherland. Paper Cakes is one of several games and applications the group created as part of a program to develop a project for an external client, which in this case was Wacom (for the company's Bamboo Mini platform).

While the game isn't yet available you to buy, download, or play, Paper Cakes was submitted to the IGF 2010 Student Competition, so perhaps it's in a state that the students will feel comfortable with sharing soon?