CTA Digital already has a rifle controller for Wii (what accessory manufacturer doesn't?), but its latest plastic firearm really lets you feel like a Duke Togo-type assassin. The Sniper Gun Rifle, which was shown off at CES last week, features a removable stock, barrel, sniper scope, and stand, so you can pack it into a briefcase and carry the weapon to a building rooftop without anyone noticing.

I'm sure you'll get a few minutes of fun out of playing rail shooters like Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles or Dead Space: Extraction before the novelty of laying on your stomach while firing wears off, but it could also be interesting to see someone playing a game like My Horse and Me with this.

CTA Digital also demonstrated a PS3 rifle at its CES booth (no Xbox 360 version, for unexplained reasons), which I've included a photo and video for after the break. The PS3 "sniper gun" looks really goofy when you're not actually pointing it at your TV screen.

[Via Technabob]