The landing page for Patrick Molnar's Consollection site is impressive itself, presenting rows and rows of almost 150 video game home consoles and handhelds, all lined up in similar angles with their controllers laid nearby, as if inviting you to pick one up. The collection includes popular consoles as well as obscure systems like the Tele Fever (produced by a coffee company), Tiger's R-Zone Headgear, and the BSS Bildschirmspiel 01.

Clicking any of the systems brings you to a flattering close-up of the machine and a short description. Apparently, Molnar also produced a 362-page BSS Bildschirmspiel 01 book with the same photos and descriptions. I don't see it available for purchase anywhere, but you can look through all of the pages here (or you can just use the Consollection site, as the content is identical for the most part).

Based on the book's preface, it looks like all of these systems are from Molnar's personal collection, and he doesn't intend to stop adding to it any time soon: "The challenges which come with collecting (finance, space, maintenance) so far could not hold me off - and a project like this book is motivating quite well to continue. From 20 years of gaming and 10 years as a collector, hopefully a few more decades will rise."

[Via Gamefreaks]