While most companies used to send condensed or time-limited versions of their titles when giving shops sample games for their customers to try before buying, Capcom took a different approach with its Sega Saturn store samples in Japan; the publisher usually gave shops a build based on early code that sometimes had noticeable differences from the final release.

Segagaga Domain released one of those Japanese prototypes for a limited time: X-Men: Children of the Atom for Sega Saturn. This version has some neat departures from what ended up on store shelves, many of them holdovers from the arcade edition. For example, the sample features different copyright/logo screens, graphic glitches, no speed selection, and a red screen effect for special moves.

The site plans to take the download links down tomorrow, so if you're interested in having rare prototype copies of games, grab this one now while it's still available!

[Thanks, JC!]