I wasn't aware of this until this week, but Rockin' Android, the curious publisher specializing in localizations for obscure "doujin" shooters from Japan, has started its own podcast and is now in its third episode.

The company's Adam Milecki hosts the audio show and is typically accompanied by some interesting guests -- the second episode brought in Rockin' Android CEO/president/founder Enrique Galvez, while this latest release features Kurt Kalata from the excellent Hardcore Gaming 101 and David Heineman from retro gaming site RacketBoy.

Along with discussions on 3D versus 2D titles, copyright issues with fangames, and iPhone gaming, Episode 3 contains an interesting revelation on Rockin' Android's plans for future console ports of its doujin shooters.

"We just recently completed a contract with Sony," said Milecki. "They are porting a few of our games to the PlayStation 3, and they will be available eventually to download on the PlayStation Network."

He adds, "That’s including Acceleration of Suguri. And I believe Gundemonium is another one. We are very excited about that. That's a big thing for a little new company like us. I believe in the case of Suguri, they're even bumping up the resolution, so it's going to be an HD version, stuff like that."

You can learn more about and watch videos for Gundemonium and Acceleration of Suguri in the post we compiled earlier this year for upcoming Rockin' Android releases.

[Via Hardcore Gaming 101, Siliconera]