As briefly mentioned in our recent post on General Computer Corp., the Ms. Pac-Man arcade game was based on Crazy Otto, an unauthorized mod kit GCC created for Pac-Man. The game was never released and was instead sold to Midway, which changed the sprites and its hero before sending it out to arcades (Both companies eventually transferred the rights to Namco to avoid a lawsuit.).

Though the original Crazy Otto was thought lost, someone from the MAME project has kept in touch with GCC co-founder and former engineer Steve Golson, and a playable dump of the game could be available soon, according to a report from Rotheblog. Perhaps we'll even see it at California Extreme next year, which is also slated to debuted another unreleased GCC project, Nightmare?

Game Informer actually put up several interesting videos from Crazy Otto's October 12th, 1981 prototype version yesterday, which shows the game's attract mode and a couple animations before Midway changed the sprites.