Creatures Inc. president and legendary video game composer Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka -- whose 8-bit resume includes titles like Metroid, Kid Icarus, Tetris, and Mother/Earthbound -- has debuted a new music single that has nothing to do with games but is bizarre enough to warrant your attention.

Titled "Tanaka Hirokazu no Uta", or "The Hirokazu Tanaka Song", the song has Hip Tanaka leading a chorus of ten other guys named Hirokazu Tanaka, all of them singing about being named Hirokazu Tanaka, specifically about "how the name was picked for them and that they didn't pick the name themselves."

The Tanakas partnered with online import music store HearJapan to release the single (along with karaoke and a cappella versions) exclusively through the shop a week before it appears elsewhere. HearJapan points out that the music's upbeat chiptune backdrop is reminiscent of Hirokazu’s work on the Mother series, a comparison that seems spot on!