Something Awful's bored but Photoshop-talented forumites worked their magic on dozens of movie posters to match the film (or at least its promotional images) with a video game title/logo. Some are obvious pairings like King Kong and Monkey Island or Twilight and Vampire: The Masquerade, but there are a few clever combinations like Last Action Hero and You're In The Movies.

As usual, I've included my favorites after the break -- the Black Knight one cracks me up way more than it should, and it's probably funnier than the actual film You can look through them all in this big Something Awful thread (Warning: Though you won't find anything too vulgar in the link, you might find some of the posters offensive).

And if you haven't yet seen Empire's similar video game/movie poster mash-ups from earlier this year, it's worth looking through just for the Dirty Dhalsim photoshop.