Chevy Ray Johnston, the indie developer behind Ludum Dare 15 highlight Beacon and addictive iPhone game Skullpogo, has been working on a neat project called FlashPunk, a free ActionScript library designed for creating 2D Flash games.

It reminds me of Adam "Atomic" Saltsman's Flixel, the ActionScript library used to create titles like Canabalt and Queens. Johnston says his goal with Flshpunk is to provide "a fast, clean framework for prototyping and developing games", handling elements like sprite rendering/animation, player input, collision detection, framerate, and more.

He hasn't posted the library yet, but he's posted regular updates on Fight! Mechanical Shooting Device, a arena-based survival shooter that shows off the engine. Johnston is working with Paul "Pietpiet" Veer (Flipper for DSiWare) and composer Magnus "SoulEye" PĂ„lsson on the Game Boy-esque title.

[Via Pixel Prospector]