Jin Saotome, custom toy artist extraordinaire, is selling a new batch of video game-inspired action figures, each painted and assembled from a variety of other toys, brought to life like some kind of G.I. Joe Frankenstein.

The mini Duke Nukem above, for example, was pieced together with Rise of Cobra editions of Lt. Stone and Zartan, 25th Anniversary General Hawk, and Logan's upper body from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Saotome also pens a blurb for each of his creations:

"When aliens arrive, things go to hell, and the world is on it's knees....there's only one man to call, Duke Nukem. While others run in fear Duke is at home waist deep in alien guts blasting away with the biggest, baddest weapons he can gets his hands on. And when he's out of ammo he uses those hands to tear off limbs and beat his opponents into submission with them!

When Duke heard Cobra was causing trouble he couldn't wait to jump into the fray. Now it's a no-holds-barred match against Duke and Cobra with the Joes left to catch up to the action!"

Saotome's Duke and other custom figures are currently up for auction on eBay. You can see more of his recently crafted toys, like Splatterhouse's Rick Tayor and Metal Gear's Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, and Psycho Mantis below:

[Via Toycutter]