Continuing the trend of producing new RPGs with old school graphics, music, and tropes, Disgaea house Nippon Ichi Software announced Classic Dungeon for the PSP, releasing in Japan on February 18th.

Like From Software/Silicon Studio's 3D Dot Game Heroes, it's an action RPG, and it even has a logo and a character creation tool that looks directly inspired by the PS3 game. In the above trailer, you can see the pixel editor to create familiar characters like the Disgaea series's Laharl and Prinny.

Classic Dungeon has you controlling blocky heroes (e.g. knights, mages) and clearing dungeons, which sounds your typical RPG fare. The character growth system, however, has a unique twist, as Andriasang explains:

"You place your characters on a chart, with your primary character in a central spot and the other characters in surrounding support sports. The primary character is the one that you control when entering the dungeons.

The support characters grow alongside the primary character, advancing differently and earning different skills depending on the structure of the chart you're using, their position on the chart, and on job of the primary character. As the primary character explores the dungeons, the support characters will come in for assists, acting as shields if you're about to incur damage from an enemy or trap.

When not in a dungeon, you're able to freely swap characters between support and primary roles. Additionally, the game offers a variety of charts, some allowing you to set more support characters, and some giving added effects to certain slots."

The game will also include ad-hoc co-op multiplayer, as well as an option to switch between standard and 8-bit soundtracks (Sega's 7th Dragon has a similar feature). NIS hasn't announced plans to release Classic Dungeon in the U.S., but I suspect they will eventually seeing as they were to bring over the Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman series.