[We haven't been highlighting these on GSW recently, but the Gamasutra Blogs section is still producing a lot of good writing, so here's a compilation of both Expert and Member best-ofs from last week for your delectation.]

In this new weekly round-up, we showcase notable pieces of writing from members of the game development community who maintain Expert Blogs and Member Blogs on Gamasutra.

Member Blogs can be maintained by any registered Gamasutra user, while the invitation-only Expert Blogs are written by development professionals with a wealth of experience to share.

In this latest round-up, Expert Bloggers write about multiplayer game matchmaking, forcing player progress, and the state of the Indian video game developer market, among other things, whereas Member Bloggers examine social game players, the PlayStation 3 game Demon's Souls, and slow disc loads.

Gamasutra Expert Blogs

- On The Practical Application of Multiplayer Matchmaking
(Nick Halme)
Relic's Nick Halme looks at some of the problems with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Windows PC matchmaking system Trueskill, presenting "not a complaint or a rant against Trueskill, but an attempt to point out what it's doing to players."

- The Cattle Prod
(Radek Koncewicz)
Consultant and Incubator Games creative lead Radek Koncewicz discusses ways to go beyond encouraging player progress with the "cattle prod," which he defines as "A mechanic based on diminishing resources that forces the player to advance in order to avoid game death."

- Game Development in India: The Road Ahead
(Pallav Nawani)
Designer, programmer and Dehradun-based IronCode co-founder Pallav Nawani looks at how "disruptive content" can help the Indian game market get up to speed -- and how "marketability" is even more important than innovation right now.

- Gifted Games
(Christine Kenney)
Anthropologist Christine Kenney provides in-depth specifics for developers on how to make sure your game is a Christmas gift, from price and placement to promotion.

Gamasutra Member Blogs

- A Peek into the Mind of a Social Gamer
(Hsiao Wei Chen)
Social games are monumentally successful, but they are also quite young, and relatively under-discussed compared to their more mature gaming brethren. Hsiao Wei Chen is a self-described social gamer, and in this post she provides a profile of the segment's audience.

- Slow Disc Loads
(David McClurg)
Longtime game programmer David McClurg isn't a big fan of long disc load times, and yet they're still extremely common in games today. Here, he offers two reasons for the persistence of that pitfall.

- Selling Souls: Demon's Souls Analysis
(Josh Bycer)
Josh Bycer knew he'd love From Software's unlikely hit Demon's Souls even before he started playing it, and in this post he goes into great detail as to why.

- Disturbing Happenings in iPhone Land and more...
(Marshal Hernandez)
Pay-to-play reviews and interviews are apparently alive and well in the Wild West-like world of iPhone games, as developer Marshal Hernandez recently discovered. He shares his unfortunate experiences here.

- Demarcation: An Objective Metric for Skills in Games
(Enrique Dryere)
What demarcates skills from other aspects of games? Enrique Dryere offers his rubric of main skill qualities -- time, feedback, and potency -- and provides an additional list of important factors.