Considering that Prope, the newly established studio from Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka, has created two original games for the iPhone (10 Count Boxer, Fluffy Bear) and also ported its Let's Tap minigames to the App Store, I naturally expected the developer's next mobile game to also appear on Apple's handset.

Ivy the Kiwi?, however, is so far announced as a Windows Mobile/Phone exclusive, set to debut with Japan's Windows Mobile Marketplace this December. In the Kirby: Canvas Curse-esque platformer, you don't actually control the baby kiwi; you use the touchscreen to draw vines that will help Ivy across pits, protect her from falling spikes, and slingshot her through obstacles.

Whether or not Ivy the Kiwi? eventually makes it to iPhone (and it really should, seeing as it's designed for touchscreen controls!), I'm just excited to see a new platformer from Naka and his studio, which is made up of at least 10 developers from Sega's Sonic Team.

[Via Joystiq]