For two years now, German developer Ernie "The Runner" and his team have worked to re-create classic adventure game Maniac Mansion in 3D. While its character models and environments aren't nearly as impressive as that other LucasArts 3D remake/demo for Monkey Island 2, keep in mind that the group began the project as a way to learn how to use Gamestudio.

Ernie says the game is "nearly complete" (with 90 percent of the scripting finished) and will release in early 2010 with German and English text. A version with German voices for the dialogue is also planned for Summer 2010. You can watch a video from an early test build below, though it's still missing animations and audio.

You can see more screenshots and read about the unauthorized Maniac Mansion 3D remake in this GameStudio forum thread.

[Via Retro Remakes]