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Continuing into the weekend with a freshly excavated set of GameSetLinks, this one starts off with Daniel Primed looking at Eternal Darkness from a design critique point of view. (And isn't it time for a franchise update for ED?)

In any case, other highlights in here include a discussion on Miyamoto's design flow thoughts (any excuse to use the above 'official Nintendo Photoshop' from Mr. Iwata's GDC presentation, cracks me up every time), plus 0D Beat Drop, online games in Turkey, Mega64's PAX panel and other fun randomness galore.

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Daniel Primed:: Gaming Analysis, Critique and Culture » Evaluating Eternal Darkness
'If we’re to evaluate Eternal Darkness then it’s fundamental that we judge it on these two points, the contextual and the construction of puzzles and other mechanics.'

0D Beat Drop (XBLA) comments - bemanistyle.com
A thoughtful critique of the Arc System Works-published musical puzzler, which I suspect is getting a tad slept-on, though is a little 'constrained' design-wise.

Game Design the Miyamoto Way: Flow and Difficulty « Desert Hat
'Miyamoto argues that a game is better if you have to start the level again because it increases the level of intensity and makes the game more enjoyable.'

The Top 25 Games You Missed This Year: 5-1: Games: UGO
A really smart and interesting list by Chris Plante - including Moon (DS) in the Top 5, interestingly.

ICO Partners » Blog Archive » Online games in Turkey
'As more Asian and American eyes are turning to the European market (since market is less mature and the Chinese market is increasingly closed), Turkey is emerging as a rising star of the European region for online games. The country has the second biggest population of the region, and a majority of them are young (60% are under 35) and educated.'

The Remedial Lexicon (Part 1) « REMEDIAL WASTE
Startlingly grumpy, also slightly Gamasutra-baiting, but fascinatingly misanthropic.

YouTube - Mega64: PAX 2009 Panel Q&A
To give you an idea of the Mega64 fanboy I am, yes, I'm in the audience for this video, somewhere or other. Sadly they cut off the opening cinematic, which was all kinds of OTT awesome. But you get the idea, huh?