Vincent Proce, Midway's former visual creative directory before he left the company last February to take a job at Vogster, shared several character designs from a Mortal Kombat pitch that dramatically revamped the look and histories of the franchise's fighters.

"The basis for the idea was a re-imagining of the Mortal Kombat franchise from the original premise but mixing modern muti-player and dismemberment game design with the original fighting mechanic," explained Proce. "The game idea isn't going to happen now that I no longer work there."

His pitch turned Kano into a "half Japanese, half U.S. military badass"; Sonya as the daughter of a Texas Ranger, armed with what looks like a glavin and Special forces training; Raiden as a god whose feet rarely touch the ground; and Scorpion as a wraith waring "the yellow blood of the demon that [resurrected him] to exact his revenge against his mortal enemy".

Though Proce designed and presented only four characters with the pitch, he says he would like to give the same treatment to the rest of Mortal Kombat's original characters if he ever finds the time.

[Via Super Punch]