UK-based creative agency Fluid Design posted another batch of media for its case study on Sega/Headstrong's The House of the Dead: Overkill, one of many video games the company has helped design packaging/advertising for. I previously featured some of the game's prototype boxes, logos, and T-shirts here.

Among the dozens of new images the firm uploaded are collages of grindhouse-style logos/movie posters that served as inspiration for Overkill's branding, early drafts of the comic included with game preorders, and more. Apparently, the resulting materials Fluid created was so well received, it was awarded "Best Press Kit" at Leipzig Games Convention. I had no idea that award even existed!

"Entrusted with total creative freedom, we began the project from scratch, with a focus on hand-drawn illustrations to create an authentic feel to the design content," says the firm. "The project called for a multilayered branding concept that took iconic 'grindhouse' aesthetics and created a contemporary feel for the game."

You can see all of the images on Fluid's Flickr set for The House of the Dead: Overkill.