Though it now sells laser printers, in the early '80s, General Computer Corp. created memorable arcade games for Atari like Food Fight and Quantum (as part of a three-game settlement after Atari filed suit against the company for creating an unauthorized Missile Command mod kit, of course).

GCC also was responsible for producing the mod kit that would eventually become Namco's Ms. Pac-Man, developing the VCS ports for titles like Ms. Pac-Man and Vanguard, and handling the Atari 7800's chip design. For those of you who'd like to learn more about the important company, you should definitely study this collection of photos uploaded by former employee Steven Szymanski.

The gallery includes images of not only the GCC's games and staff, but also shots of the company's fire pole meetings (the pole connected two floors and enabled employees to "move quickly downstairs"), holiday parties, server rooms, factories, arcade/research lab, and even convention visits to expos like CES and MacWorld.

Each photo includes a few sentences to color the scene, like the shots of Activision, or "the enemy": "At that time Activision was the only company who really rivaled us in talent. I remember at this show I ran across an Activision engineer who started chatting me up. I noticed he had a small sheet of paper. It turns out it was a list of GCC engineers who they were supposed to try to recruit. The only thing that bothered me was that we didn't think of it first."

Rotheblog, which tipped us to Szymanski's gallery, notes that an unreleased prototype for Nightmare, GCC's third game created as part of the Atari settlement, will make an appearance at California Extreme next year. As if you needed more reasons to attend, right?