It's Thanksgiving weekend, and that means by the time you read this, I'll be concentrating a lot more on getting drunk than on old game magazines. I hope that your weekend gets along just as swimmingly!

If it's not, then perhaps you could type in the fine program listed above to the computer of your choice. No, not into Notepad. Sheesh.

Little holiday demonstration programs like this were the bread-and-butter for mags like Family Computing during the 8-bit PC era. In an age when parents bought Commodore 64s and the like for their kids then struggled to find something to do with the thing apart from pirate games, they at least let children show off the computer to their family right when it counted -- during the holidays, when all the relatives are at home. Brownie points galore, trust me, if your 8-year-old self typed this in.

The era of little BASIC demos like these ended once home users began to harness computers for...well, actual stuff. Sad, I know.

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