Japanese game developer Kenichi Nishi (of Love-de-Lic, Skip, Ltd., and Route24 fame) posted a note that his dog, Tao, passed away last month due to kidney complications. While many game developers have dogs, the Love-de-Lic founder immortalized his with cameos in Moon: Remix RPG Adventure, GiFTPiA, and L.O.L.: Lack of Love.

In Chibi-Robo, you actually train for and conduct a military operation against Tao, who plays the family dog constantly tormenting the Free Rangers. And in Captain Rainbow (which unfortunately hasn't made it to the States), you get to help fulfill Tao's wish of doing nothing but eating.

Nishi gave Tao his name because of the dog's black and white face, which he says is like a Yin-Yang from Taoism. Nishi obviously felt a deep bond with Tao, often sharing photos of the dog on his site and bringing him up in interviews. I've included a few photos of Tao with Nishi below:

[Via Lovedelic Life]