I don't usually pay attention to strange-sounding WiiWare games that I've never heard of, especially when they're mobile ports, but after hearing my friend describe Konami's Tomena Sanner as "like Canabalt but with more dancing", I knew this title required a thorough investigation.

Tomena Sanner's primary parallel to Canabalt is it's a single-button action game in which you guide a running character, businessman Hitoshi Susumu. In addition to controlling his jumps, that button is used for attacks, upending cars, dunking basketballs, bowing toward a jogging group of Shaolin monks, and more.

Susumu races through nine levels, hopping over T-Rexes and swinging around trees while trying to show up on time to "the ultimate dance party". The esoteric game features a four-player versus mode, an endless level mode, a turbo mode, and online rankings.

Konami will release Tomena Sanner stateside in the first quarter of 2010. You can see screenshots and find more information for the quirky title on Konami's official site.