If you're looking for a simple, cheap, and fun game to get you in the Halloween mood, try out Skullpogo, a new iPhone/iPod Touch release from Chevy Johnston (Beacon) and Justin Smith (Enviro-Bear).

This was actually released as a downloadable PC title last year, but the concept of bouncing off pigs, zombies, and bats was "remade and souped up" for the App Store debut, adding tilt controls, new power-ups and enemies, online high scores, and more.

Johnston describes Skullpogo as "the ultimate coffee-break game":

"It is all about the gameplay, and thus offers no cinematics, no flashy cutscenes, no RPG elements, and no lengthy loading screens. When they've got 100 Apps on their iPhone, I want people to choose Skullpogo because it's: 1) Quick to start up. One-press and you're playing! 2) Fun in premise, easy to play, yet skillful to master. And 3) I can't think of an excuse not to want to battle hordes of the undead with nothing but a pogo stick."

You can grab Skullpogo from the App Store now for $1.99.