The first game I thought of after reading Roro, Roll!'s title was Sony's LocoRoco, and while this indie project is nothing like the PSP platformer, it's almost as cute! Developed by a team of four calling themselves Cobbler, Roro, Roll! has you spinning a circle of fuzzy creatures to protect the planet's last sapling from waves of hungry Domo-esque enemies.

Depending on their color, each Roro group serves a different purpose -- red Roro automatically send out shots and can unleash a focused beam; blue Roro can grab enemies and send them wherever you want on the graph paper arena; and yellow Raro look like they can stop time. As your sapling grows into a tree, you can bolster your spinning army with new Raro.

I have no idea when Cobbler hopes to put Roro, Roll! out, but this trailer was created for the upcoming 12th Annual Independent Games Festival. This actually gave me an idea for my own similarly titled project, Mr. Raroo, Roll.