Alaskan Military School (a London-based design collective, not an actual academy up North training cadets to fend off nearby Russians) created a set of minimalist interpretations for popular video games for UK's upcoming GameCity Squared event. This Noby Noby Boy video comes from a "series of viral spots" for this collection.

"They each take one of our favourite games at GameCity HQ and translate them into a 15 pixel grid," explains GameCity organizer David Surman. "It's hyper pixel minimalism! We realised that you can communicate the essence of great, iconic games with minimal visual information. I think this approach echoes the values of the festival, to take a sideways look at games, and foster a creative space."

GameCity Squared will run in Nottingham from October 27 to 31. Two more videos from Alaskan Military School's initial batch of videos below!:

[Via Kotaku, Tim Maughan Books]