More than twenty years after the handheld was originally launched, the Atari Lynx is receiving a new and original title, Zaku, thanks to publisher Super Fighter Team, the same saints that recently localized and released Beggar Prince and Legend of Wukong for the Genesis/Mega Drive.

Developed by PenguiNet (using an official Lynx development kit), Zaku is an Air Zonk-inspired horizontal-scrolling shoot'em up filled with giant sprites of flying toasters and penguin-piloted crafts for you to blast out of the sky. The game runs at 60 frames per second and features 16 stages, multiple difficulty modes, and more than 20 music tracks.

Super Fighter Team claims that Zaku's game card is the first to be produced in "the authentic manufacturing style used by Atari while the Lynx was on the market" (not counting official game cards, of course). Recent Lynx fan-releases typically come on an exposed circuit board.

Zaku is priced at around $48-52 after shipping and handling, and each order includes the game card, a full-color, 31-page English and French instruction manual, and a cardstock game box with a slot to hold the game card. You can see screenshots of the game and place an order at Zaku's official site.

[Via Digital Press]