Ever since Universal picked up the rights to develop a full-length film based on Asteroids, I've kept an eye out for examples of anyone attaching a plot to the simple, vector-based game, like the hilarious Asteroids radio drama that Kid Stuff recorded in the early 80s.

Nigel Upchurch's music video above, set to The Juan MacLean's "No Time", is a more modern interpretation of of the arcade title, following the adventures of a wandering ship as it searches for a like-minded, triangle-shaped ship, finds its soulmate, and starts a family. It's an Asteroids love story!

I also recently came across this excellent fanmade poster for the hypothetical Asteroids film, designed by Maxellito. The text, "Alone into the ship triangle to cross the universe", doesn't really make sense, but neither does an Asteroids movie!