LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias, Frontier Developments' follow-up to the gorgeous WiiWare launch title and surprise hit LostWinds, is slated to appear in Nintendo of Europe's latest batch of digital downloads this week. According to the UK developer, it will be WiiWare's 100th release in the region.

The Wii's Shopping Channel in North America hit that same milestone back in July with another creative title from an indie developer, Gaijin Games' Bit.Trip Core. Japan's 99th-101st WiiWare releases last May were Art Style: Cubello, Orbient, and Rotohex, all of which are fantastic, stylish games from the always amazing Skip Ltd. It's interesting that all three 100th games were from local developers!

As in the first LostWinds game, player's use the systems motion controls to guide a young boy and use elemental powers that help him navigate the platformer. Winter of the Melodias introduces a new feature with which you can instantly change the world's seasons between summer and winter to alter the environment (water, clouds) and access appropriate abilities (summoning snowballs).

Though Frontier hasn't specified a U.S. release date for the WiiWare-exclusive sequel, I don't expect it's release will be delayed for too long. The original LostWinds appeared in Europe just a week after its U.S. debut.