Capcom premiered a second music video for its Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Hip-Hop Mixtape (available to purchase through XBLA/PSN, free download here), this time from Bay Area team Hieroglyphics.

While it isn't the rap group's finest performance -- real talk, how much thought did they put into that hook? -- it's great to see Capcom support a product that doesn't even have a retail release with two music videos (you can see the first video from Living Legends members The Grouch and Eligh after the break).

Also, despite some of the cheesy effects, the video actually looks like it had a significant amount of cash behind it, which is more than I can say for some recent music videos I've seen from rappers with big releases. Cam'Ron and Rakewon's latest videos probably had a combined budget of $50, and that's a generous estimate.