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What's this back here? Oh, some more links, that'll be it. This time, we start out with Stanford's Cabrinety Collection, which is still rooting around in its awesome game archives and scanning some of the most notable boxes and ephemera, this time settling on Avalon Hill video game nirvana.

Also in this set of links - Kiri Miller on the shared Rock Band experience, an interesting discussion on indie game pricing, the Tale Of Tales folks sit down with AreaCode's Frank Lantz, the people behind the Dingoo handheld chat about it, and more besides.

Duck duck goose:

An Abundance of Avalon-Hill | How They Got Game
'Today's focus is the cover art of Avalon-Hill's Microcomputer Games Division, though I promise the art and games are more intriguing than their publisher's bland name.'

A Day with the Score-Oriented: Rock Band Tournament Play Kiri Miller / Brown University |
'After a while, something about this cacophonous hotel conference room filled with fidgety teens playing plastic instruments began to feel very familiar to me. I realized that it reminded me of my All-State clarinet auditions in junior high and high school.'

The Perma-death interview. « Groping The Elephant
'Australian blogger Ben Abraham has been gaining attention for his decision to partake in an “iron man” play through of Far Cry 2, no reloading when his character dies the game is over.' Interview!

Games Aren't Numberss: A Defense of Indie Prices
'We consider a high price tag on an indie game as overpriced because it is overpriced. It's overpriced on a big budget game as well, but the publishers' marketing departments have ways of making us forget about that.'

'Randomness: Blight or Bane?' - Play This Thing!
Greg Costikyan's excellent GDC Austin talk, in text form.

Interview: Justin Barwick of Dingoo | Bytejacker
It's a bit of an emulation piracy-fest, this handheld, but interesting chat anyhow.

Tale of Tales » Interview with Frank Lantz
'We were pleasantly surprised by Frank Lantz’s brief presentation at the last GDC. Especially because we found ourselves agreeing with somebody who was saying the exact opposite of what we are always going on about.' Hurray!

Defcon :: View topic - PAX 2009
Very old, but just noting it because I mentioned in my Australian talk on indie games recently that Introversion's 'Last Of The Bedroom Programmers' tagline wasn't completely appropriate for them any more, and here they mention that they're retiring it, heh.