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Continuing to blast out the GameSetLinks as the weekend rapidly approaches, this set includes the continuation of the Phantom of Akihabara fiction, translated by Kevin Gifford from a Japanese game magazine, and another reminder that there is still very little good fiction which includes video games as an integral part of it. I wonder why?

Nonetheless, other things in here include Legend Of Neil worship by Lev Grossman, Robert Ashley interviewed, the local alt.weekly on Tim Schafer's new game, indie interviews, miniature reviews, and more besides.

Go go gone:

Sandeep Parikh (You Know, the Guy Who Does Legend of Neil, With Which I’m Obsessed): The Nerd World Interview - Nerd World - TIME.com
Legend Of Neil seems to be terribly divisive as a game-related web parody series. Lev at Time loves it, though!

Beacon game review | Necessary Games
A nicely nuanced look at the latest Ludum Dare winner.

Mike Darga's Game Design Blog: Designing Your Audience
'Aside from bugs and generally shoddy development, the biggest cause of /ragequits is developers and players not agreeing on what the game is supposed to be.'

“The Phantom of Akihabara,” Chapter 7: “A Well-Adjusted World” @ Magweasel
I am still madly in love with this - it's just beautifully written and translated.

Press Pass: Wasting Time With Robert Ashley of "A Life Well Wasted" > Kyle Orland > 9/24/2009 5:00 PM | Crispy Gamer
'We talk with the former Ziff Davis freelancer about his unique podcast and what it says about the direction of game journalism.'

Intuition Games » Blog Archive » Here’s my problem with Fun.
'Sure reviewers will throw in ratings for graphics and music, but that’s mostly naive. Their response to the game directly hinges on if the total package was entertaining.'

San Francisco Bay Guardian: Brütal odyssey
Schafer gets profiled by the local alt.weekly, always nice to see a different perspective.

Indie Interview – Chris Walley of Escapist Games | indievision
Interesting that he's concentrating on XBLIG - but the Blitz to XNA semi-converter is a great idea.