In my constant pursuit to uncover all things Mutant League related, as I believe it's one of the finest Electronic Arts properties of all time (OF ALL TIME) -- I've found at least two unreleased games from the sports series: Mutant League Basketball and Mutant League Speed Demons. I suspect the latter was a Road Rash-style title, though media for the game is nonexistent.

Supperannuation discovered another lost project, Mutant League Resurrection, a 3D title that was in development at EA Chicago in 2005 before it was cancelled due to lack of funding. It looks like Resurrection was pitched as a multi-sport title, as you can see the football field transform into a hockey rink around the 0:50 mark.

"We worked on it in our spare time externally of EA. We showed it at EA, but didn't create it there," says former EA designer Joseph Hatcher. "Two of the original designers that were at EA Chicago at the time liked what we did and planned, and multiple EA studios wanted to help us here and there."

He continues, "The video is based on 3 characters we created inspired by the originals. We cloned them and animated them to show what the potential was in a 3D Mutant League series." If only someone would realize that potential and bring it to market!

Make sure to also check this other Supperannuation find from today, a pre-visualization video of a next-gen Road Rash from EA's now closed Warrington studio: