As part of its local promotions for The Beatles: Rock Band, Electronic Arts Mexico encouraged fans to win copies of the game by submitting their own original animated music videos for the band's songs. It was a neat idea to complement the game's own stylish animated versions of the Beatles members.

Gina Chacón's video "Eleanor Rigby" shown above, created with Flash and Vegas, took first place with its somber scenes and literal intepretations of the song's lyrics. She really deserves to win more than just a standard edition copy of the game for this production!

The second and third place winners were a claymation/street chalk submission for "Here Comes The Sun" and a stop-motion/Lego video for "I am the Walrus", respectively. They're not nearly as impressive as Chacón's video, in my opinion, but they're a lot better than what I typically make whenever companies announce creative contests like these (which is nothing). Watch them below:

[Via GoNintendo]