Robot Chicken co-creator and producer Seth Green has teamed up with candy maker Nestlé for a very weird promotion: a "Dude, Where's My Butterfinger Bar?" alternate reality game.

According to Green, a group of brigands assaulted him and ran off with his wallet, bag, and "vintage 1928 Butterfinger bar", a crucial good luck charm given to him by his grandfather years ago. The villain behind this robbery is sending the Can't Hardly Wait star clues to find the abducted candy bar via cryptic "evil games of evil-ness" sent in every week.

While you can simply register at the ARG's site for a chance to win prizes every week, the gamer who received the highest overall score for collecting all the game pieces and completing the final puzzle will win a trip to Los Angeles and a real, solid-gold Butterfinger bar valued at $10,000. You might also have a chance to meet Seth Green -- maybe he'll let you swim Scrooge McDuck-style in his vault of Butterfinger bars.

Anyway, this all explains Seth Green's freak-out two weeks ago (Wait, this wasn't real? OMG.):