Along with posting a 1.0 version of Spelunky with "a lot of bug fixes and some new surprises" for PC, indie game developer Derek Yu (Aquaria) revealed an upcoming Xbox Live Arcade port for the lauded roguelike/platformer.

"With all the other great independent games on XBLA or coming to it, I'm hopeful that Spelunky will feel right at home there," says Yu. "I think it's a cool platform and I'm excited about what I'll be able to do to make the game special."

Releasing in 2010, the XBLA version will include new graphics, audio, and features. Yu is also considering adding new items, monsters, and special modes, adding that achievements make "a lot of sense" for a game like Spelunky. He is currently working alone on the project under his company Mossmouth but says he wouldn't be against hiring someone to help him with the project eventually.

While the developer doesn't plan to bring this XBLA edition to PC or other systems, he'll support Spelunky PC and release its source code later this year. He envisions the game receiving mods and variants from the community, similar to traditional roguelikes like Nethack, describing the XBLA and PC games as "starting from the same point and taking two different paths (not that some cross-pollination isn't inevitable)."

Now, if only someone would port my favorite Derek Yu game, Trigger Happy, to XBLA (though I'd settle for someone just uploading the original game -- I can't find it anywhere since I first saw it on AOL's Klik n Play boards).