After revealing Silent Hill veteran Takayoshi Sato's involvement as the character designer for Fatale's biblical heroine Salome, Belgium developer Tale of Tales is now calling attention to the interactive vignette's voice acting and music with an audio-only trailer.

"One of the cornerstones of our approach to design for interactive entertainment, is that all elements in the production are of equal importance," says the company's co-founders and designers Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn. "We do not single out any element above any other: 3D artwork, animation, interaction, text, sound and music all contribute in equal parts to the multi-sensory experience."

They continue, "Our aim is to communicate on many levels simultaneously and offer many different forms of amusement and delight. Traditionally, video games tend to be a very visually oriented medium. But in our work, sound is of equal importance. And somehow it felt fitting to release an audio-only trailer for a project about a man who loses his head."

Jarboe and Kris Force, who worked with Tales of Tales previously on IGF finalist The Path, worked on the voice acting, ambient music, and sound effects. In the trailer above, you'll hear Jarboe reciting lines from Oscar Wilde's play "Salome". Gerry De Mol, the singer-songwriter behind The Graveyard's perfect song, also composed dance music for Fatale.

Tale of Tales also posted the first screenshot for Fatale, which gives a hint of Salome's story and how she ordered the head of John the Baptist. It shows a window in the ceiling of the cistern in which Herod imprisoned John after the preacher condemned the king's marriage to his half-brother's ex-wife:

Tale of Tales will release Fatale as a digital download for PC and Mac on October 5th.