Ignoring the fact that nearly two years have passed since Cloverfield's box office release, and the idea that spoofing the movie now is long past passe, the Mascot Wedding crew parodied the "reality film's" style, replacing its mysterious and disappointing antagonist with familiar monsters we can cheer on: George, Lizzie the Dinosaur, and Ralph from Rampage.

The group produced the video as part of "The Uwe Boll Totally Awesome Videogames Filmmaking Competition", presented by G4's Attack of the Show and Fantastic Fest. Participants shot movie trailers for potential films inspired by video games -- two finalists will be sent to the Fantastic Fest film festival, where Uwe Boll will announce and congratulate the winner (um, and that's pretty much the prize, other than the paid flight/room/food/show badges).

This is the only decent submission I've seen from the contest so far, but this goofy Time Crisis trailer is funny just for the brief scene of three dudes doing cartwheels and shooting each other in a cramped room, all of them failing to hit anything:

Oh, and on the topic of Cloverfield, there's another, longer parody (also better produced) from Seakitten Collective making the rounds, again replacing the movie's monster with video game characters -- Samus, Luigi, Pyramid Head, LocoRoco, Kirby, Space Invaders, and many others. Definitely worth checking out if you liked that first video above!