When I last posted about From Software's 3D Dot Game Heroes, I pointed out the PS3 game's strange similarities with The Legend of Zelda -- "the bomerang, retaliating chickens, and Pegasus Boots-style dashing". If those seemed like coincidences at the time, this new series of videos.

After seeing the hookshot, fire rod, Octorocs, Tektikes (jumping spider-looking things), Moblins, Zora, and secret cave entrance bombing, I was so convinced this was a complete recreation of The Legend of Zelda's world that it was jarring to see coins, not rupees, drop from slain enemies.

The 3D Dot Game Heroes clips below show how ridiculously huge your sword can get and a short playthrough using the fragile hero from Spelunker (the results are predictable but still enjoyable to watch):