N+ developer Metanet posted a video to show its progress "after a year of groundwork-laying" for its next title, Robotology. Note that the images you see in this walking demonstration are debug graphics, soon to be replaced with proper art.

"In the video, all movement is animation being driven based on time," says the company." "The next step in terms of modeling movement is to add some sort of feedback to the system, since currently it’s all just blind forward animation (i.e 'wind-up toys'). ... We also have a lot of work to do on the tools side."

"We made a basic parametric model which can generate legs and feet, but it’s quite rudimentary and can’t handle, for instance, wheeled or flying robots. Oh yeah, for sure we need wheeled and flying robots. It’s definitely a huge improvement from hard-coding everything — making a biped now only takes ~20 lines of code to define some parameters which are then used to generate the necessary data, instead of 200+ to make all the shapes and constraints by hand."

Planned as a "traditional platformer", the game features the walking robots as enemies that players can interact with. Metanet co-founder Raigan Burns hints that the interaction could be something comparable to Shadow of the Colossus but admits that the project is still very early in development, so nothing's set in stone.

You can read more about Robotology's walking demonstration at Metanet's blog.