Jeff Minter (Gridrunner series, Space Giraffe) has posted nearly an hour's worth of footage from Llamasoft's booths at a couple computer shows from the 1980, giving viewers a rare, nostalgic look at these events from decades ago, filled with questionable 80s hairstyles, even more questionable sweaters, Genesis (the band, naturally) and Talking Heads playing in the background, and kids proudly showing off their Llamasoft apparel.

You can see a young Minter demonstrating games like Batalyx and Mama Llama, and there's also a big display with clips from Attack of the Mutant Camels, Ancipital, and other back-in-the-day titles. There's even a clip of the Llamasoft founder totally making out with a sheep! Watch the second half below:

[Thanks, Gus Mastrapa!]