As with his diaries for My Summer Holiday and Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3, the Japan-only sequel to Raw Danger/Disaster Report, CoreGamers' Bruno de Figueiredo has posted a thorough preview from the opening hours of another recently released PSP game that will likely never reach the States, Zener Works' (Okage) Diamond and The Sound of a Gun Shot.

It's a visual novel game (e.g. Fate/Stay Night, Time Hollow), a genre that hasn't yet caught on outside of Japan, with the exception of the Phoenix Wright series. In Diamond and The Sound of a Gun Shot, a police negotiator tasked with talking down criminals in order to rescue hostages and resolve the situation without anyone getting hurt.

To calm down the criminals, you will need to use advice and information provided by your negotiation team while selecting appropriate text options that will keep the hostage-taker calm. You can also investigate cases by talking to informants, interviewing suspects, and talking about the case with your partner at a local bar. You can read de Figueiredo's record with direct-feed screenshots of Diamond and The Sound of a Gun Shot's introduction and first chapter here.