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As we head into heavy Tokyo Game Show action (TGS attendees, don't forget to come to Sense Of Wonder Night 2009 at 5pm on Thursday for lots of experimental game goodness, inc. the creator of Echochrome and the first showing of the XBLA game from the IGF-winning Synaesthete creators!), here's the remainder of the GameSetLinks from a while back.

(Since we're talking indie events, a note to Melbourne, Australia game devs. I'm speaking on practical routes to indie game success at (free!) local Government-organized Digital Distribution Summit on Tuesday, September 29th, and the successful iPhone devs at Firemint are also talking. Should be worth a gander!)

Onward to the links:

Best Games of September 2009 by Game Tunnel
Yay for Osmos at #1, it really is a bit of a sleeper.

Thoughts on Gaming: Indirect Effects « All Topics « Improbable Insights
Another nice design piece from Case.

The people who wrote that Cross Review don’t understand anything! @ Magweasel
Interesting dissention on a Japanese review of House Of The Dead's new Wiicarnation.

Mike Darga's Game Design Blog: The 3 Flavors Of Enemy Design
'When deciding on a high-level design for the opponents in your game, it helps to decide first which of the 3 major groups you'd like your enemies to fall under.'

Player Representative to EVE Online Dev Council Caught in Insider Trading Scandal | GameCulture
More fascinating Eve wackiness.

Billy Bragg: In defence of guitar heroes - Commentators, Opinion - The Independent
'Let's not complain about a game that encourages kids to become music fans and, in our son's case, gives them the rudimentary skills needed to learn to how to play guitar.' Via Plastic Axe.

Post Position » Interactive Fiction Suggestions, Fall 2009
'The games on that list remain good ones, but I’m now updating those recommendations to take into account games from recent years.'

Write the Game » Selling a Game: Word of Mouth
This may seem basic, but seriously, how many folks don't do it right?

Ian Bogost - Videogames are a Mess
'Videogames are a mess. A mess we don't need to keep trying to clean up, if it were even possible to do so.'