Organizers for tri-annual game development competition Ludum Dare announced the results from its last 48-hour event, posting scores and rankings for the 144 submissions (see/download them all here). Held during the last weekend of August, Ludum Dare 15's community-voted theme was "Caverns".

Chevy Ray Johnston's Beacon (video above), a 2D platformer that has players exploring a dark underground cavern lit only be a floating beacon and glowing crystals, is the top-rated submission overall and ranked the highest in the Graphics and Theme categories. You can download the PC game here.

The second highest-rated game overall (voted most fun, too) is Broken Cave Robot, also a 2D platformer, which stars "a damaged robot with a dying battery and no idea where to go". Developer Matt Thorson has posted an updated and more stable version since his Ludum Dare entry, and says he's already working on a sequel that fleshes out the game's concepts.

You can see more of Ludum Dare 15's top eight entries, including a first-person adventure filled with penguins, and a hoverboard trick/racing game, at the competition's official site.

[Video via IndieGames]