In Tower Of Heaven, a PC platformer with Game Boy-style graphics, players ascend a "mysterious monolith that promises glory to those who scale it and death to those who cannot."

The primary gimmick of this game, other than its Game Boy aesthetic and fabulous soundtrack to match, is a growing list of rules handed down from God as you progress and commanding you not to touch blocks a certain way or walk in a specific direction. Challenging those laws sends a bolt of lightning at you head.

Tower of Heaven's three developers (Aski, Godsavant, and Flashygoodness) are hosting a speedrun contest to celebrate the game's release, inviting players to record their playthrough time with the built-in Speedrun mode (unlocked after completing the normal game) to win custom art.

(Note: Video above is from an early demo, and the audio is slightly out-of-sync. Unfortunately, it was the only Tower of Heaven clip I could find without someone talking over it.)

[Via TIGF]