Years before the Nintendo DS or DSi were even announced, Philips's had its own handheld with touchscreen functionality, as well as built-in programs for a calculator, an alarm clock, a photo album, drawings, and making music -- the In2It (also known as the Philips KidCom).

Designed as "an educational but fun tool for girls", the In2It was developed after heavy consultation with children about their ideal product. Unfortunately, that system never came to market, but Philips did produce under 100 of them around 1996, five of which were passed around in Finland for a study to see how kids reponded to the handheld.

One of those prototype systems has also popped up on eBay, where it shows a little wear but comes with the original box, games, and accessories. The seller warns that it's "a very rare item and likely your last chance to even see one let alone bid on one" (they could be exaggerating a bit, but I've never even heard of the console before), so keep an eye on this for the next four days if you're interested.

You can find more information of the In2It and see more photos at

[Via GameSniped]