If you met with Nihilistic's CEO Rob Huebner last weekend at GamesCom (and if he happened to bite or puke on you), you might want to see a doctor or priest soon, just in case you have a case of whatever Rob has.

According to Nihilistic's blog, their CEO returned from the event last week with what seemed to be a mild fever. Since then, however, his eyes have turned red, he's lunged at co-workers while yelling about brains, and just the other day, he tore the studio's IT manager in half. Very strange behavior!

Four of the company's workers are currently trapped in the office and for some reason are blogging about their predicament, asking readers for advice on how to escape and offering a poll that will determine their next action in dealing with the zombie now roaming the studio.

What a cruel twist of fate that the developers behind the upcoming XBLA/PSN game Zombie Apocalypse should be attacked by the undead! I hope the Nihilistic dogs are safe!