Lazarides's Rathbone gallery in London opened its Low Fidelity exhibition late last week with works by French street artist Invader, best known for his Space Invaders mosaics installed on bridges, walls, and monuments in over 40 cities.

The low exhibit gallery, however, placed less emphasis on his tilework, instead focusing on his "Rubikcubism" series, which uses the concept and blocks of Rubik's Cubes to recreate 3D sprites and famous album covers for bands like The Cure and Velvet Underground.

Also at the Rathbone, you'll find Invader's original sculptures, sketches, and QR codes -- those black and white pixel-filled squares used in place of barcodes, more common in Japan gradually working their way to the west. Using a mobile phone (equipped with a digital camera), visitors to the gallery can decode the QR codes into a text message.

You can see photos of the exhibit below, taken from Louise Klinker and Julien Mourlon's shots from the show:

The Low Fidelity show will run until September 17th. You can find more information on the exhibit at Lazarides's official site for the gallery.